Presentation From Wadham College

Wadham College, Oxford University, Presentation

On Wednesday 15th November over 200 students from Year 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form attended a presentation from Wadham College, Oxford University.  Dr Hugh Munro from Wadham College, Oxford University, said he was very happy to work with our students in the assembly to inspire our students and looks forward to seeing us again soon.

Wadham College was founded in 1610 by Nicholas and Dorothy Wadham, the College now comprises up to 200 graduate students and some 450 undergraduates.

The Warren students received information about the history of universities, the number of courses on offer throughout the United Kingdom, Russell Group, the application process and entry requirements, the benefits of attending a university, and extra curricular activities.

wadham1One of our inspired Year 8 pupils, Haris, who attended the assembly said:

It was absolutely amazing and a thrill to meet a person who was studying at one of the most famous universities in the world: Oxford University!


I was so interested in what he had to say to us because not only did he mention the courses and options that we could choose, but he also explained to us possible ways that could help us to actually get accepted. This can secure our future because everyone would love to be taught by the best and with Oxford you can make that possible if you truly have a great passion for learning.


This assembly has really engaged and inspired me to go out there into the world and start to learn more so I can at least have an opportunity to try to get into this brilliant place, as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


So the best we can do is to start taking our learning more seriously and really give our best in every test we ever get in our subjects leading up to our GCSE, or if we have already finished our GCSE, then we can start thinking about A-levels.


Overall it was an amazing discussion and very inspiring and hopefully all, if not some, people get accepted and expand our knowledge on the certain subjects that we have interest in.

We will be taking a group of Year 10 students to Wadham College, Oxford University, on our annual day visit very soon. More details to follow.

Dr Hugh Munro said:

It was a pleasure to speak to pupils at The Warren School about their university options and working towards studying at one of the best universities in the country, like Oxford.  I was impressed by the awareness pupils had about their intended careers and how university could help them achieve their goals.  Also, the questions after the session showed the passion to study at the best universities.

Mr. A Uddin

Director of Learning Phases