A couple’s ambition consumes the kingdom of Scotland. A king’s mind is poisoned by prophecy, power and paranoia. A nation is led to the slaughter. To protect their world, those who lose the most must rise the highest.

On Friday the 19th of October, the English department accompanied 112 GCSE students from Year 10 and 11 to The Broadway Theatre in Barking to watch a lively and thrilling performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

The students were treated to an exciting performance which gripped the audience from Act One and provided a genuine insight into the original intentions of William Shakespeare and his tragic play, written over 400 years ago. Praised by The Broadway staff for their enthusiasm and impeccable manners during the performance, the Warren students immersed themselves fully in the theatre experience- gasping, laughing and even the odd scream when things got a bit gory! Two Year 10 students said they really enjoyed seeing the action up close and look forward to the next opportunity to be entertained at the playhouse!