Lord Mayor’s Show

On Saturday the 10th November 2018 20 students from The Warren School had the honour to participate in the 2018 Lord Mayor’s Show. This amazing opportunity came about when an former student who now works for Metro Bank contacted the school asking if current students would represent Metro Bank in the parade.

The students were picked by their year teams for their excellent behaviour, positive effort, and can do attitude. Last month there was a top secret rehearsal at an East London media company where the students saw the floats for the first time and got to grips with their Metro Bank scooters. The students were amazed at the work that had gone into preparing the floats for the show.

The big day was a fantastic experience. The sun was shining and the buzz behind the scenes was electric. The students made lots of friends with marching bands, guide dogs and even the parading soldiers. The experience of walking through the city with thousands of people cheering and high fiving was something none of our students will ever forget.

The Metro Bank Staff were gracious hosts and let the students keep their scooters, helmets and pads and were proud that The Warren School represented them at such a prestigious event as this was the first time Metro Bank had taken part in the show. This is a partnership that will be built upon for many years to come because of their exemplary behaviour in front of thousands of people and millions of people watching at home on television.

Thanks again to all of the students, parents, staff at Metro bank and Miss Doo and Mrs Akhtar-Khan for helping organise this once in a lifetime event.