Knife Crime Sessions

Throughout May our dedicated schools officer PC Halleron is working with our KS3 pupils to deliver sessions on knife crime. Pupils have been learning about:

– What to do if they think someone might be carrying a knife
– What is a weapon and what does the law say?
– Your rights & responsibilities
– Is everyone really carrying a knife?
– Keeping yourself safe
– How the police and the school are working to keep you safe

As a school we want to keep our pupils as safe as possible and we understand that the recent surge in violent crime both throughout London and in our local community is a worry to our pupils, their families and our neighbours. Throughout the summer term we will be running a range of sessions for pupils across all year groups to support, educate and provide intervention in order for our wider community to be a safe and happy place to live and thrive in.

Miss Lyus
Head of PSCHE