International Maths day

Year 12 students with a keen eye for maths were invited to  Tindall Riley Marine Ltd based in Monument London.

The students were given a great lunch and mixed with other schools to complete maths and stock market challenges.

The trip itself was an eye opener to some who have not had the opportunity to travel to the City and be exposed to such a prestigious firm.

We had a great day and most importantly students had a small insight into the kind of career they could do with maths.


Mrs Smith-Newsam

6th Form Achievement Team Leader


Very informative, helpful experience being on business environment.

Sabah Ahmad 12W


The trip was personally very helpful as there were people from accountancy backgrounds which is the field I want to go in to.

Anisah Sharmin 12N


Helped me to understand what an actual job would look like, however business oriented jobs are not my type.

Xheku Prebibaj 12R


I gathered a lot of information about the banks which helped me to find out what I should do in the future.

Vilius Varnas 12W


The trip helped me to take an insight in finance jobs and jobs related to Maths.

Ahssan Qureshi 12A


Helped to give me an insight of how business minds work. Gives possible aspirations.

Navin Uddin 12A


This trip was beneficial as it allowed me to realise that I was not interested in the insurance sector leading me to look elsewhere.

Aaron Owusu 12A


Loaded with helpful information and made me realise how much maths is needed in the financial field.

Mohammed Hassan 12N