HumanUtopia – Bridging the gap to success


Mr Adams arranged a trip for 15 Year 9s to Coventry University for the HumanUtopia event. The day was attended by three other school and 40 business professionals. The day began with a challenging and honest session about the barriers students were encountering or causing for themselves. When asked for volunteers Mason Stimson, Harika Kyungu, Marcus Cunningham-Dyer, Adenike Ogunjemilusi and Billy-Ray Leaver all spoke unprompted in front of over 110 people.

The second session focused on the qualities which support qualifications and the final sessions saw students have to present an ‘elevator pitch’ on themselves to their group, which included students from other schools and business professionals. Then Millie Ann Wright and Mason Stimson made their pitches in front of the whole event!

The organisers were thoroughly impressed with their conduct and noted they were the most smartly dressed school. The main speaker was so impressed by Harika Kyungu he said he would give her a job right now if he could! The organisers also interviewed Adenike Ogunjemilusi for their YouTube channel. It was a really moving day and from speaking to parents of the students who attended has had a really positive impact on them.