Greatfields Match Report

 Greatfields match report - Photo1

On Wednesday 17th January 2018 our Year 7 Boys were involved in a Borough League match against Greatfields School.

During the 1st half there were very few chances created for both teams sue to superb defending from both sets of players. However, just before half time we managed to break the deadlock and went in to the break 1 – 0 up. This was a great morale boost for the team as it was a very tough, physical 1st half where we had to play into the wind.

After the break, with the wind behind us, Greatfields did not manage many shots at our goal and it was Warren who had most possession in the 2nd half. We turned this possession into another chance at goal midway through the 2nd half and were awarded a penalty which was converted to make the score 2 – 0.

Everyone on the team played extremely hard and it was a great warm up for the semi-final as Greatfields lost to our next opponents so it was a great indication for what we need to achieve in the next game.

Well played everyone involved.