EqualiTeach – Second Thoughts Workshops

Year 8 students have been working with EqualiTeach to receive 4 hours worth of workshops on extremism and radicalisation.

The sessions looked at challenging stereotypes, what propaganda is; how to recognise it and the damage it can do.

Students were able to analyse news reports and look for bias, know how to fact check and to look at a range of advertising campaigns.

In the second session students focused on the message of 3 groups all:

  • Islamic State (Daesh)
  • Britain First
  • Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

Students worked in groups to research the campaigns, identify their aims, look at how they get people to join, look at the propaganda used and discuss their methods.  Students also looked at the importance of social media in spreading propaganda and the fact that it is not regulated.

Students then worked on alternative ways of campaigning for positive change.

 Student quotes:

“Some of the groups use nice facebook posts and ask you to share them just so that they get more people clicking.  That means when they share a bad post it gets a bigger audience”


“It’s about the way you go about making changes – that’s what is so important.  Even if you want a good thing you can’t go around hurting people to get attention for your cause”


“Propaganda is when you twist the facts to make it look like it fits your cause better.  Those posts make people really angry and angry people don’t always think straight.  You need to make sure you fact check so you know who made the post, and you check to see if the information they’re sharing is true or not”.


Miss Lyus

Head of PSCHE