Extra financial help for students

Who was Colin Pond?

Colin Pond was a councillor in Barking and Dagenham who had a lifelong interest in education. He was a firm believer in the European Union and developed strong links with Witten in Germany. He left a sum of money to help young people benefit from an extended education.

Colin Pond Scholarship

Receiving this scholarship has encouraged me to do even better in my A-levels because the fact that I was recognised for my hard work and efforts motivated me to want to do more in order to achieve my goals as I have received incentives for my previous work,

The money from the scholarship was used to purchase revision guides which helps me to understand my subjects even more. Also I used the money to pay for trips to University open days and that has helped me to see the variety of options available for me after A-levels and make an informed decision about what is best for me.

Mary, 13E

I still remember the moment when Ms Fleming-Wood walked in to my form and told me I will be receiving an award of £500. I found it hard to believe and was very surprised but it turned out to be true.

Despite using some of the money to reward myself, I also used some for buying art supplies as I am an art student. It also encouraged me to think about saving for university.

Other than financial help, the scholarship gave me hope that my hard work does not go unnoticed.

Throughout year 12, everyone has been shadowing, encouraging me to believe in my own potential just as the receiving the award did.

Bolu, 13E

This was a proud event for Warren 6th Form with 5 winners receiving between £250 to £500 each, as recognition for their amazing high achieving grades.   I was proud to share this important evening and special moment with our students and families.

Well done to them all.

Mrs Newsam

Achievement Team Leader KS5