Box Up Crime


Box-Up Crime has been delivering weekly one hour sessions to approximately 15-20 young people at Warren.
The session consists of 40 minutes of boxing and 20 minutes of mentoring with two fully trained members of Box-Up Staff.
As a youth organisation, they continually monitor delivery and impact of their work with young people.  We have collated some feedback from young people over this term by a short questionnaire and our findings are below:

What is working?

From the feedback it is clear that the young people are enjoying the sessions and have a range of personal goals which includes:

  • “Becoming more active”
  • “self discipline”
  • “Self confidence”
  • “Improve coordination”

100% of the young people have said that they have made progress towards their personal goals.


We have seen a very positive response from the students regarding how the sessions have impacted their behaviour such as:

  • “Controls my anger and lets me take off built up stress”
  • “I haven’t gotten in to any fights since I started “
  • “Box-up crime has helped my general behaviour around school because it helped myself discipline”

100% of the young people saw a positive change in their behaviour since starting box up.

Feedback from Staff

“The Box-up crime sessions have been a real success. Pupils have been improving their health and fitness in the technical part of the sessions which involves a student led warm up and technical boxing skills. The warm up sessions have given pupils the opportunity to lead their peers and you can visibly see the improvements in confidence and maturity from these pupils. The second part involves the mentoring and having meaningful conversations to help with improving behaviour and transferring the skills learned to other areas of school. The pupils have really taken onboard the advice given by the coaches and we have seen signs that these pupils are starting to change their in attitude in lessons and around school. Furthermore they have been able to develop their leadership skills through organising and coaching their peers in parts of the session. Overall we are really pleased with the impact of the sessions and hope to get some girls involved at a later date.”

Mr Jafar-ATL Year 9