Borough Music Competition

Jamil (Yr10) represented the school in the Borough Music competition to find the Young Musician of the Year in Grades 1-4. He is an amazing pianist and really impressed with his performance. This is what Jamil thought of the event and his performance….

“The experience was very exciting, but also very nerve wracking. On first walking in I was very intimidated by the skill of my competitors, however I somehow managed to persevere.

I was the third performer and from watching the first two I didn’t know how I could complete with them. During my performance my hands were sweaty and my left leg was uncontrollably shaking, however I tried my best. After I finished I stood up and bowed and everybody clapped and the judge gave me a reassuring smile.

When the judge announced the winner I was nervous but when I heard my name I was completely shocked. I was feeling a mixture of confusion and excitement and when I was handed the award all I could think was how proud my mum would be.”

We are also extremely proud of him and if you want to hear him perform his prize winning piece you need to either attend the Final Borough event at the Broadway Theatre on the 4th or July or come to the school Summer Showcase on the 10th July at 5pm. Well done Jamil!!

Mrs Briner