The trip to the Barbican was very successful. The Y12/Y13 art and photography students were praised for their excellent behavior by the staff on site. The visit has been very beneficial under various aspects. The students visited a fundamental landmark of contemporary architecture, a major example of post war planning and late example Brutalist architecture.

They also visited the exhibition Modern Couples and attended a workshop with a focus on several topics that we are going to address in lesson: Collaboration/Conflict, independent publication, book making and ephemera in the era of modernism. This was made relevant through a series of activities some of which portrayed in the pictures below.

Finally, the students visited a second exhibition of the sculptor Francis Upritchard. His work deals with the topic of anthropology and archaeology in a singular way. The students were able to investigate his artifacts and take plenty of pictures. These resources are going to be essential for the development of their independent projects addressing a fundamental aspect of their assessment criteria: AO1/AO3.

The Art Team