Performance – Child Sexual Exploitation

On Thursday 5th February we welcomed ARC theatre company back into school. We have seen Natalie and her team many times over the years and they are always a pleasure to have in engaging students in topics that are traditionally seen as tough to talk about. The entire of year 9 and 10 were involved in watching a performance and taking part in an interactive workshop looking at the issue of child sexual exploitation. The performance piece was entirely interactive with the play being paused several times and students being asked to explain how characters are feeling, what they are thinking and to give them advice. Ultimately each of the three performances were different due to the students ideas but overall a powerful message was delivered and they all came to the same conclusion to involve the police. As a school it is our duty to educate, protect, advise and support our young people in all aspects of their lives. Keeping them safe and passing on important life messages.

We were delighted to have this feedback from the team at ARC:

“Thanks very much for having us at The Warren School today with the OUT OF SCHOOL CSE project.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with your students and were impressed with their maturity dealing with such a sensitive issue. They also impressed us with their brilliant behaviour, from the moment they entered the hall and sat down quietly to their honest and sensible suggestions in the interactive drama. They were engaged and listened well throughout. We really did enjoy our time at Warren today”.