Anglian Ruskin University – Year 7 Experience Day

Our Year 7 students were giving an amazing opportunity to visit and experience life at university last week with a trip to Anglian Ruskin University. Its recent revamp has seen a new logo explode onto hundreds of student hoodies, t-shirt and inspiring posters. Our students were hooked from the moment they jumped off the coach.

A fast-paced introduction meeting the team and a selection of hand-picked student ambassadors ensured not a minute’s rest for our 45 chosen students.  Question and answer, Mission Possible and a selection of problem solving, team working conundrums got the blood flowing and minds working.

The Year 7 students were a credit to The Warren School asking mature and thought-provoking questions and behaved impeccably throughout the day.

What did we set out to do? Set a fire inside the Year 7 students, open doors, unblock roads and spark the desire to succeed.  Did we achieve it? Only time will tell, but to see our students engaging in what could potentially be their future certainly set off a fire within our stomachs and I know The Warren School will go on to grow and mould these young minds and afford them every opportunity for success.

To Grace and her team at Anglian Ruskin we say a big thank you and hope to see you very soon.

Mr Roberts P (Mr)

Achievement Team Leader Year 7