Year 7 Take to the Rugby Pitch

Tuesday 10th December 2019 saw Warren’s first rugby game of the year and what a better way to do this, than in a tournament against other schools at a local rugby club.

Warren took to their first game battling hard, getting stuck straight into tackles showing no fear at all. Unfortunately, two tries scored early by the opposition meant that we would go on to lost the game.

The second game came around quickly and unfortunately we were up against an opposition who clearly knew the game. They were bigger, stronger and quicker but this didn’t mean that Warren wasn’t going to put up a fight. The pupils demonstrated that size doesn’t matter especially when some of our smaller students were bringing down the taller ones. Although the students put up a fight, they narrowly missed out on their first win by only one try.

This was the end of losing streak. A talk from some of the more confident leaders within the team somehow changed the spirit, the pupils wanted to start winning and that is exactly what happened. The pupils looked like they had been playing rugby for years and for a minute I thought I was witnessing the beginning of a new sport at The Warren School. The pupils made sure they would win their games from here on in, winning the next four taking their total for the day to four wins out of six. Some stand out performances within the team. Johane Mafuta, Miquel Meade, George Rogers-Hicks and Ben Spicer

Well Done Year 7.