World Music Workshop


On Wednesday 16th October the GCSE Music students went to Abbs Cross for a workshop studying folk music from Greece, Israel and Palestine. The workshop was run by an amazing Israeli flautist who taught students all about the complex rhythms used in these styles of music, the cultural importance of the music and how to recognise the subtle differences in the exam. Students work on performing characteristic rhythms and melodies and also worked on a group composition. The session was packed with information which will be valuable in the Listening exam.


Comments from Warren students included:


  • “what I really liked about the workshop is that we learned and we improved our knowledge about different types of cultural music”
  • “I enjoyed experiencing the different aspects of music”
  • “I liked seeing students around the same age as us with their instruments, it felt professional”


We are very grateful to Abbs Cross Music dept and Ms Lyus who hosted the workshop and we look forward to working together in the future.

Mrs H Briner