Today a group of Year 11 business students took part in the first session of a scheme The Brokerage run called ‘Working in the City’. The session gave students an insight into the world of work, the numerous careers available, and an idea of how to get there. Students got the opportunity to get a real insight into the daily workings of a corporate organisation within the city of London.

The day consisted of a tour around the building and also the different pathways people take getting into the workforce such as graduates, apprenticeships and internships. During the day the students got to speak to various professionals from a company called Salesforce, who are the number one customer relations management platform. They look at different aspects of business such as the application of sales and marketing. The students enjoyed the day, along with the views, having professionals give up their time and speak to them about their careers and answering any questions that our students had for them.

Part one: helps to dispel myths and build key knowledge about working in the financial, professional and related services sectors. Students will be given the chance to interview employees about their careers and gain a useful and realistic understanding of the roles available, skills needed and what it takes to be successful.

Part two: focuses on developing students’ self-awareness, strengthening their employability skills and preparing them for interview processes of the future. Students take a closer look at their skills and attributes through developing their personal brand and thinking about how they can market themselves to employers. The tables are turned as we are joined by employee volunteers who interview students and provide valuable feedback for the future.