My Bank


Throughout March, we have teamed up with a leading educational charity called “My Bank” to provide year 9 students with a highly interactive and award winning “Money Twist” sessions.

As part of the programme, students took part in two sessions:

My Money: History and functions of money, security features of notes, currency and exchange rates.

My Choices: Budgeting, youth employment, minimum wage, needs and wants, shopping deals, risk and saving

These sessions were a huge success!  Students were highly motivated and engaged in the activities created by qualified trainers and were able to build their knowledge around finance and money.

“Learning about the history of money and its role in society was fascinating.”

“I’ve learned how to save and the benefits this can bring. I was amazed to learn that if I saved just £2.50 every week, by the time I am 65 I would be a millionaire!”

“I have really gained a much better understanding of my employment opportunities; both whilst I am at school and beyond.”

“Gaining an understanding of how average pay and tax relates is something I didn’t know before and has really helped my see how public services are funded.”

“Seeing how taxes increase as wages do was well surprising – but I think it is fair that the rich contribute more to help those who are need”