Barbican and Guildhall Performing Event

barbican1On Wednesday 20th April Warren musicians took part in a Barbican and Guildhall performing event with their group called “The Satellite Collective”.  The students have been working hard with tutors from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama on a composition which lasted 15 minutes in the end!  Having performed it recently at the Broadway Theatre in Barking they were then invited to perform their piece on the Freestage in the Barbican Centre as part of the Barbican Box Celebration.  The day began with rehearsals which took place in the Guildhall’s Practice Annexe, an amazing experience in itself.  After lunch students were granted a tour of the Barbican and the Guildhall seeing students in Master classes, movement workshops and drama rehearsals.  They were also given free tickets to see the “Strange and Familiar” Photography exhibition at the Barbican.  The performance on the Freestage gathered quite an audience and was really well received.

“The students were outstanding all day and it was wonderful to see them getting an insight into what is on offer at a top-notch Music Conservatoire, something many of them had not known existed before.  The performance was brilliant and I was very proud to see Warren students performing so confidently as such an amazing venue.”

Mrs Briner

“It was a fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and perform on the Freestage at the Barbican. It was a chance to experience something other than a University and meet new people. I really enjoyed performing on the Freestage as it is something that not many people get to do.”

Millie Year 10

We hope to be part of the Barbican Box Project next year and be part of the main evening performance event.